100% all natural product that removes the chlorine out of your Aquarium water!

All in 1 Natural Water dechlorinator & conditioner.

Dechlorinators fall into the general category of 'water conditioners,' though dechlorinators are probably about the simplest 
water conditioners. Remember, though a dechlorinator is a water conditioner, not all water conditioners are dechlorinators. 

Chlorine in your aquarium can be very harmful – it can kill all your fish and other animals in your tank. In order to clean the
chlorine out of your water, you have to put chemicals in it. More precisely, Dechlorinators.

 You want to be careful when adding too many chemicals in your aquarium water, though. Too much of chlorine will harm your fish, but put too many chemicals in and you would end up having the same effect.


How does chlorine get into your tank water?

If you use tap water to fill your aquarium, it is going to contain some chlorine.
But before you start building your aquarium or before you add some water to the tank, it is important to make it
suitable for the fish to live in it.

This means getting rid of the chlorine in the water.

 And that is where Aquadeclor™ comes in.
We have designed an ALL in 1, 100% all natural product that removes the chlorine out of your water plus, adding a conditioner.
Without harming your fish.

Our product can be used in fresh & salt water.

AquaDeclor™ is better than other products on the market, it only takes one drop to treat a gallon of water.

2 oz. will treat 600 gallons of water.


Our product is NON-TOXIC which makes it child and pet safe.

Product Comparison 



Dechlorinator / Stress Coat



Heavy metals, such as copper, lead and zinc, can be found in most tap water supplies.
These metals are toxic to tropical fish. So treat the aquarium when adding tap water.

1 oz. treats 600 Gallons.

Keep out of reach of children.



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