Tap water has been weaponised.

The conspirators want us all to drink tap water (rather than bottled water) because they can put drugs into the tap water quite easily.

Drinking Tap Water Could Kill You (or Worse)

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Instantly Remove's 100% of the NEUROTOXIN* "FLUORIDE" from ALL consumable liquids.
*National Library of Medicine.

USDA Fluoride Levels, WATER

Our goal is to provide you a product that 
removes FLUORIDE to help detox your body.

In our Aquatic Research Laboratory™

We have taken an FDA approved water soluble mineral mixed with controlled process 
filtered water to make Fluoride-B-Gone™

Our unique formula is then dispensed into dropper bottles* 
for easy carrying in your pocket and or purse.

1 oz. bottle of Fluoride-B-Gone™ will treat 25 gallons of liquids.

  1. One (1) drop into your coffee or tea (8-12 oz.) when you are out.
  2. One (1) drop in you sodas.
  3. One (1) drop in your beer or beverage of choice (8-12 oz.).
  4. Four (4) drops in you pot of water to make rice, pasta on the stove (32-64 oz.).
  5. Four (8) drops into a gallon of water (64-128 oz.), then use this water to wash your vegetable's.
  6. Four (4) drops in your canned vegetables and or fruits.
  7. Four (4) drops in your canned or bottled sauces.
  8. The list goes on and on.

* larger sizes available, check our website for other sizes. Bulk 55 gallon drums available, please call for pricing.

This product is Safe for Humans, Animal's, & Aliens.

In addition, Fluoride-B-Gone™ acts as a reducing agent or antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals.

It also promotes the quality of drinking water by removing fluorine. Fluoride-B-Gone™ promotes the body's detoxification. To this end, it provides sulfur to neutralize fluorine in water or in the body.

Furthermore, Fluoride-B-Gone™ supports the production of glutation in the body. It is used for the detoxification, removal, and drainage of heavy metals such as mercury, uranium, thallium, barium, strontium, and radioactive poisoning.

Fluoride-B-Gone™ serves as a fast-acting antidote to gases such as carbonic acid, flue gas, exhaust gas, coking plant, or blast furnace gas, in the case of toxic vapors such as chlorine, bromine, iodine, nitric oxide, aliphatic or aromatic nitro compounds and plastic fires, as well as in the case of chemical basic substances such as cyanides, nitriles, nitrites or aromatic compounds Amines such as aniline or toluidine.

Fluoride-B-Gone™ is a major chelator of calcium and other toxic substances. It also serves the prevention of vascular limescale, and dissolves calcified vessels of the kidney, the heart, and the like, especially together with magnesium chloride.

The substance protects the joints especially in diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism when free radicals are responsible for the discomfort.

Fluoride-B-Gone™ protects against renal calcification and renal diseases and supports the dissolution of kidney stones.

Children with autism can sleep better when they take Fluoride-B-Gone™ along with magnesium.

Fluoride-B-Gone™ makes an important contribution to health when added to water, tea, or any other drinkable liquids.

External applications are also possible, for example as foot bath together with baking powder or for massages.

Magnesium chloride can also be added as a foot bath. Scientifically, it has been demonstrated that Fluoride-B-Gone™ dissolves calcium deposits in joints, lungs, kidneys, or the heart.

Fluoride-B-Gone™ offers many advantages, especially in the medical field, where it is used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning or to protect against calcification. It also dissolves calcified vessels. Fluoride-B-Gone™ is also used for drinking water treatment.

Our Mission

To education the public about the effects of Fluoride and how it affects our body's and health.

We developed a product that will remove the FLUORIDE in ALL DRINKABLE LIQUIDS*.

FDA approved water soluble minerals used in making of FBG.

Safe for Animals, Humans, and Aliens.

* Anything that involves using water as a base or any product that is dehydrated.


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